Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Millau Viaduct - Michel Virlogeux & Norman Foster

Yep, I've posted pics of this cable-stayed bridge before, but by crikey it's a marvel, and this (erroneously named) Powerpoint presentation here gives you some idea of its contruction.

What an achievement!

LINK: The longest bridge in the world - Metacafe

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  1. This magnificent structure was featured on Jeremy Clarkson's car show (on Prime) 'Top Gear', last yr.

    He was raving about it .. also commented drily that the Brits would never create something of this magnitude anymore, thanks to socialist attitudes.

    He's quite libertarian in his views .. routinely pokes fun at political correctness and statist crap. As do his two co-presenters, Richard Hammond & James May.

    Most satisfying!

  2. Discovery had a program about it's design & construction recently. Cant remember which program but was one of those "Megabuilder" type docos. Awesome structure


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