Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Ka mate ka mate FIAT, FIAT

PLANET RUGBY: New Zealanders are up in arms over a television commercial in Italy which shows black-clad Italian women doing a Haka...

Are they really? Unless both I and the news media have missed it, the only New Zealanders who've said they're upset are a bunch of wallies from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture who said it "could be seen as culturally insensitive" and who just need to get over themselves, the chap who wrote the All Blacks' new haka (who was touting for this gig) and some commenters at the Herald site who were invited to have a good whinge.

A storm in a B-cup really. Have a look at the ad if you haven't already seen it. Personally, I'd have preferred a bit of opera. Having had a FIAT myself (FIAT as we know stands for Fix It Again, Tony), the haka looks too much like the sort of carrying on FIAT-owners get up to on the mornings when their car won't start.

TAGS: Sport, Political_Correctness, Humour, Sexism


  1. graeme henry was not too happy about it....

  2. Graham Henry should have more important things with which to concern himself.

  3. Henry cracked me up when he complained about the commercialization of the haka. Such rank hypocrisy delivered with such a straight face.

  4. Hi Peter,
    I check out your blog now & then as there's always something interesting you're bringing up.
    Anyway, this ad really disgusts me. A beach scene in bikinis or lingerie would have been much better ;)
    I agree that Ngati Toa should be concerned about it though the facts of copyright laws have been around long enough to have done something about it already?
    There's a market for everything


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