Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Throwing out Brad's Wright furniture

Proof that Angelina has no taste, and that Brad Pitt is just pussy-whipped:
Angelina has insisted that he gets rid of most of the designer furniture from their Malibu home, including Frank Lloyd Wright side chairs and a Rene Herbst desk - and anything he bought together with Jennifer.
Anyone who wants their partner to get rid of Frank Lloyd Wright furniture needs their head read. Which, of course, she does.

Just another reason she couldn't play Dagny Taggart in the film of Atlas Shrugged, and he couldn't play John Galt.

UPDATE: Cactus Kate says this is proof that"despite all her tree hugging save the world, socialist, adopt-an-orphan antics of late that I put down to being up the duff and slightly insane with it, Angelina is a female fantastically fantastic example of being fantastic." Phew. I think she likes her. But then Cactus wouldn't know good architecture from a hole in her panties.

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  2. Peter

    You are a man so you can be excused for missing the point.

    Angelina made Brad turf everything out that belonged to his prior relationship. She has pussy whipped one of the hottest men in the world. That is admirable.

    I do admit to having zero style when it comes to architecture or furniture.

    That's why we employ hip stylish people like yourself to do it all for us.

    As for the holes in my undies, I am sure you will be relieved to know that I have no intent on ever asking you to inspect those.

    Stick to the architecture. You seem good at that.




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