Saturday, 24 June 2006

Worst and cheesiest album covers ever

The CD revolution has been almost complete, threatened only by the iPOd revolution it helped make possible. For those of use who still collect vinyl, the digital revoution that iPods and CDs represent hasnt been all bad -- and that's not just the sheer amount of stuff available that wan't previously -- it's also meant that second-hand vinyl offloaded by the more digitally-fixated has been out there and able to be snapped up at bargain prices, filling the collections of turntable-owners with legal music that has never been so cheap.

One major advantage that LPs retain over CDs is their size -- where CD covers are too often merely utilitarian, the size of record covers meant they were all too often astonishing. And by 'astonishing' I don't mean they were always good.

Some were just horrible. And here, for those of you with Powerpoint, is a collection of the very worst. The Worst Album Covers Ever. Guaranteed. [Those without Powerpoint can seek them here, though you do miss the full effect.] For those of you who like cheese, here's some of the cheesiest.

I'd like to show you some of the best. Maybe later, eh?

LINKS: The worst album covers yet - Powerpoint file
Dana Countryman's virtual museum of unusual LP cover art - Dan Countryman

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  1. One man's "cheesy" is another man's "romantic realism", I guess.


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