Saturday, 24 June 2006

'Surfside' - Ron Sanders

'Surfside,' by Ron Sanders. Ron Sanders is a working artist who asks for your help. Says the Quent Cordair Gallery, who sells his work:
Ron Sanders has recently suffered unforeseen financial setbacks due to health issues, and he has three young children to support. He has asked us to consider any reasonable offers on his available work, in order to raise additional income as soon as possible. For the present, all reasonable offers will be considered on ALL RON SANDERS PAINTINGS. Thanks for your consideration during this difficult situation. While it may seem awkward to purchase at lower prices under these circumstances, please know that the artist will be very appreciative if you can do so. You’ll be receiving his marvellous art at an excellent price, in return for much needed financial assistance this month. `Thanks in advance for any purchases which can be made at this time. `Please contact the gallery to discuss possible offers.
LINK: Ron Sanders work at Quent Cordair Gallery

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