Saturday, 24 June 2006

Horrifying global warming news!

Shocking news from around the world about the impending global warming catastrophe.
Polar bears are "dropping like flies" from heat exhaustion say hunters, who find it too unsporting to track and kill these behemoths "when they're already suffering."

Global warming is making the planet more of an asteroid target "due to expansion of the atmosphere outward into space making the Earth a bigger 'target'."

Dolphins have been discovered fleeing north -- due north! these guys ain't stupid -- in search of cooler waters as their tropical home warms up.

A pristine Alaskan glacier has been turned into a tropical wasteland.

And "in a bold move long anticipated by industry insiders, The Weather Channel is launching a new channel devoted entirely to the coverage of natural disasters called 'The Disaster Channel'." Long overdue in my opinion.
Shocking, frightful, stunning, earth-shattering and entertaining stuff respectively, and all this and more -- including the news that Jeb Bush's Texas National Guard jets might have helped set off Hurricane Katrina -- all brought to you by the good people at the Eco Enquirer, who refuse to settle for the truth when the next best thing is really all you need.

UPDATE: I'm disappointed to see that some of you don't recognise satire when you see it. Shame on you. I blame the parents.

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  1. The polar bear one (as well) is total bollocks.

    Nobody who knows anything about bears is going to try big hugs and cuddles, unless they want to be transformed into a greasy turd on the ice!

    I must post that on to a US hunting group I belong to!

  2. Had me going there for a while!

    Having seen some of the lunacy on greenie site, a quick look at that one and I thought it was yet another!

  3. The whole thing's crap of course. Also PC, Jeb Bush is Governor of Florida, not Texas.

  4. I can not wait for global warming to arrive. I am freezing my butt off here down south. Some of my neighboure are still without power.

    Send the bloody bears in the direction of the south island.

    There sre plenty of Hookers sea lions to sustain them. They can move on to Tahr if they run out of them, then to skiing jafas.

  5. Physicist Dr. Willie Soon's Blog:

    [Global warming's discredited 'hockey stick' chart"]

    1)Short Blog Article

    2)Full Article

  6. Professor Hans von Storch's Article:

    "How Global Warming Research is Creating a Climate of Fear",1518,342376,00.html

  7. I found this peer review paper using Non-linear dynamics modeling of weather data to be interesting. This paper was published in the "Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society". The paper (PDF format) is available to be downloaded from the link #1 shown (end of message).

    Non-Linear Dynamics is one of the exciting emerging science of today. Its applications stretches from 'Nano-Technology', 'Micro-electronics devices', 'Molecular Dynamics & Drug Design', 'Economics Complex Systems', etc,... John Nash who won a Nobel Prize in Economics (depicted in movie - A beutiful Mind) for theorising a non-linear dynamic model which applied to the financial market.

    Here is a short abstract of the paper:

    [Carl-Gustaf Rossby’s work leading to the dispersion equation for his eponymous atmospheric wave form was motivated by his quest to understand interrelationships between fluctuations in the zonal mean wind and the quasi-stationary waves. Rossby believed that climate variability on almost all timescales could be understood in terms of changes in the frequency of occurrence of states of high and low zonal index. Using modern-day terminology and ideas, Rossby’s perception of climate variability can be viewed in terms of low-frequency changes to the probability distribution of the nonlinear weather regimes that characterize our chaotic climate attractor. A perspective on possible future climate change is outlined, based on these ideas. One of the most basic notions to emerge is that even if such change is predominantly anthropogenically induced, its manifestation may be predominantly
    onto the natural “modes” of variability of the climate system.]

    I remembered Dr. Augie Auer (former head of NIWA), saying on TV3 in an interview about climate variability, and his answered was, "It is a natural cycle. For thousand of years, the climate experienced a rise and fall, which is repeated over many centuries". Non-linear dynamics says that climate system is predominantly onto the natural “modes” of variability.

    One thing I agree with Physicist, Dr. Willie Soon's Blog is, that peer review process is where the debate should be settled. Example, that the "hockey stick" has been refuted, which was published in the peer review 'Science Journal'. It is now time for the pro-doom & pro-global-warming scientists, tree-huggers, eco-terrorists, cockroach lovers to counter by also publishing in a respectable international scientific peer review journal of why Professor 'Hans von Storch' model can be refuted. This is how it should be after all. I have head, the Green Party leadership (Jeanette Fitzimon) on TV , showing that the evidence has shown to prove Global Warming. Ok, if there is any supporter of Green Peace, Green Party idiots, lurking around this blog site please show me some peer review publications of where that evidence are being published. Show the name of the Journal, show the volume number, show the year of publication, show the article title, and show the article author(s). I have heard it all the time that "Evidence has shown". Since 'climate modelling' is all-mathematical computing (my domain area), it is hard for me to understand how on earth lunatic people as the members of the Green Party, Green Peace who have no clue to what's the difference between differential calculus and a prostitute, can make claim that they have read the evidence. Gees, do I think that Sue Kedgley would have read those papers that claimed to show the evidence of climate warming? I seriously doubt it. Lunatics always nitpick only certain publications that suit their agenda, where they ignore other publications that show to refute preconceived ideas, as 'we are doomed'. This is where the danger of misleading starts.

    #1)"Nonlinear Dynamics and Climate Change: Rossby's Legacy"

    #2)"The Earth's climate: a non-linear dynamical system"


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