Wednesday, 14 June 2006


Here's an opportunity for you. For the confused and bemused, Trevor at New Zeal offers to answer your questions on capitalism -- the first ten polite questions get the polite Trevor treatment. Says Trev:
If you're a socialist, throw me a question on capitalism that you just know I won't be able to answer. Expose me for the heartless capitalist bastard that I am.

If you're pro market, throw me a question that somebody has stumped you on, or you just can't seem to figure out. Find out if the free market is really worth fighting for.

If you're undecided or just curious, throw me a question about capitalism/free markets or the functioning of a free society that puzzles you. Find out if the Capitalists really do have the answers.
Go ahead. Find out. But get in quick because those first ten spots are already going quickly. As Harry Binswanger once observed, when you ask a question of two Objectivists you'll get at least three different answers -- so I'll watch with interest to see if his answers match my own.

LINK: Throw Trev your curly ones - New Zeal (Trevor Loudon)

TAGS: Economics, Libertarianism

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