Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Why Brazil Will Always Beat Turkey

The World Cup. The soccer World Cup. Not my thing. Not my thing at all. Grown men poking a ball languidly around a pitch and falling over in agony when someone else comes near them. 0-0 draws. Five seconds or so of 'highlights' in ninety minutes of playing time. No wonder most of the action happens on the terraces. Which leads me to this post from the Tomahawk Kid explaining Why Brazil Will Always Beat Turkey. It's something to do with sense-of-life, joie de vivre, and ... well . . . a couple of other rather nice things.

LINK: The Football World Cup - Tomahawk Kid

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  1. No, not the soccer World Cup. The one, the only, the real World Cup. Where all world is represented, not just a bunch of ex-British colonies. Where all the world cares (except for a handful of countries), not where only this handful of countries do.


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