Wednesday, 3 May 2006

What have you got to hide?

Hell, if microchipping dogs is so easy and so good and will fix everything from rabies to domestic violence, let's all get 'em, eh?

What have you got to hide?

UPDATE: Note from Libertarian Sus on this, who [gasp] agrees with Jeanette Fitzsimons:
But this issue is really about state identification .. nothing more, nothing less. Starting with dogs under the guise of it preventing people from being attacked - which, of course, is ludicrous... For once I offer a bouquet to the Greens in their opposition to this proposal. On this matter, Jeanette Fitzsimons happens to be correct.
A shame however that Fitzsimons has been persuaded to recant, at least far as exempting farm dogs.

LINKS: Privacy cartoons by Chris Slane
More on microchipping - Libertarianz Sus

TAGS: Politics-NZ, Cartoons

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  1. michael fasher3 May 2006, 17:28:00

    Is Chris Carter going to microchip his great white sharks?


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