Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Climate science - both sceptics and septics online

Following the launch of NZ's Climate Science Coalition earlier this week, bFM have two related bCasts online, the first interview with Owen McShane the group's convenor, who explains (or tries to) the motivation for the group being formed and where it sees its role, and argues that misinterpretations, misunderstandings and bad science have led to the false ideas of human-caused doomsday, and that the "scientific issues are settled."

The second interview is with Greenpeace's Vanessa Atkinson explaining how McShane and Co are fascist running-dog corporate mouthpieces in the pockets of US Republican paymasters, who are simply intent on "stirring up confusion" -- a perfect example af actual argumentum ad hominem leaving the argument unaddressed.

And note too that the Climate Science Coalition's website is now online with a wealth of material.

LINKS: Noelle McCarthy & Owen McShane - bFM
The Green Desk - Greenpeace - bFM
Augie Auer explains why he backs Climate Science Coalition - TCM.Net
NZ global warming sceptics coalesce - Not PC
Climate Science Coalition website

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