Wednesday, 19 April 2006

'The Sacrifice of Isaac' - Caravaggio.

'The Sacrifice of Isaac,' by Caravaggio. 1603.

And such a lovely story too: "Take thee thy son," says God to Abraham, "and offer him ... for a burnt offering." So there you are - your knife's out -- your son's heads on the block -- you're all ready to go, and comes the word from God: "Huh, I was just kidding."

 God, isn't he a scream, eh?

LINKS: Genesis 22:2-13 - Skeptics Annotated Bible TAGS: Art, Religion


  1. Robert Winefield19 Apr 2006, 01:37:00

    "Take thee thy son," says God to Abraham, "and offer him ... for a burnt offering."

    And the correct answer is: God, go fuck thyself.

  2. Peter - I know you're not a fan of religion but you're dead wrong on this one. The lesson: "Don't do what you know to be wrong - even if God says so" is one that is particularly relevent today - no?

  3. It is a common misconception that this was a test of Abraham's love of God - and that he passed it. In reality, it was a test of his morality - and he failed miserably! Prior to this episode, God and Abraham talked often - after it - never!


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