Thursday, 2 March 2006

Ten good reasons to not like 'The Warehouse'

If you hate the Warehouse, and I know some people who do, then can I suggest you at least dislike it for rational reasons. The Mises Economics Blog gives you ten good reasons (just read 'Warehouse' for 'Wal Mart' - it's the same deal). And after you've read all ten:

If you still prefer the "bad" reasons for not shopping at [The Warehouse] then by all means don't shop at [The Warehouse]. Just quit citing your bogus reasons as if they were facts. [The Warehouse] has never caused any firm to go out of business. [The Warehouse] can't close down any store but one of its own. It is the customers who no longer do business with a company or shop at a particular store who put that company out of business or closed that store.
An important point, that last one.

LINK: How not to like Wal-Mart - Laurence Vance (Mises Economics Blog)

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