Thursday, 2 March 2006

Still no DBP

Still no comment on DBP here, and nor will there be beyond what I said the other day. Why not attack him for being a useless minister -- for what he's doing out in the open -- instead of this nonsense. The words 'side' and 'show' spring to mind. Best comment I've seen on all the frothing is on a blog that's 'no longer blogging':
I see everyone is all over the Benson-Pope 'scandal'.

So instead of bothering with fact-finding, they pat each other on the back and continue down the road to oblivion, convinced that their main focus should continue to be on overheated scandal-mongering. Most NZers, however, could not care less. And people wonder why the blogosphere is in decline...

To paraphrase Shakespeare:

“A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

LINK: Boreasses - Chaos Theory

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  1. I can't recall one thing that he has done as a minister.

    Enough said...

  2. Oswald, a kinder word or greater credit for a Minister of Social Development I cannot conceive.

  3. Exactly - so who issued the fatwah on Benson-Pope a few months ago - and why - he is not a powerful player.

    (From the blog no longer blogging to the blogger not commenting on DPB - so this must be the second post on it? I must have missed the first one...)

  4. Rick, that is possibly the most intelligent things I have ever heard you say. Take a bow.

    "From the blog no longer blogging to the blogger not commenting on DPB - so this must be the second post on it?"

    Hahahaha. Yep, that's irony for you. :-P

  5. A Minister who has done nothing is our second best variety admittedly - only bettered by the one who dismantles almost everything that others have done.


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