Friday, 3 March 2006

Less DBP please

Three more questions to consider:
  • Would you rather have a minor minister resign over some pretty risible accusations about something that may or may not have occured some time in the past, or a government be hung out to dry over the sort of stuff that's happening right now right in front of your eyes: the ongoing theft of NZers' property rights; the proposed nationalisation and breakup of Telecom; flagrantly dishonest election spending by the ruling party in order to buy their way back on to the Treasury benches (most of the money dishonestly spent being your own)? About which do you really care more?
  • Given that the latter issues are infinitely more serious than the former, why is it that talkback, blogs, media, Heather Simpson, Rodney Hide and Her Majesty's Opposition more concerned with the former rather than the latter?
  • And why on earth are you?
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