Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Larkin Building - Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright's Larkin Building of 1905 was revolutionary. The first atrium office building -- indeed, the first atrium building of any type -- air-conditioned, fire-proof, a veritable 'cathedral of industry.'
The Larkin building was completely revolutionary for the time. Most obviously it was one of the first buildings to use a form of air conditioning that was integral to its design. The main pillars would circulate air through them and treat them with a water mist to cool and cleans the air as it flowed into the rest of the building...

The building was designed with both elevators and stairways.
Its open center section was lit with large plate glass windows and a large skylight...
The Larkin building was demolished in 1950. Only one of the wall pillars still stands. The building was removed and replaced with a parking lot.
Watch a brief clip here from the Ken Burns's biopic of Wright discussing the Larkin Building.

LINKS: Larkin Building - Ken Burns's 'Frank Lloyd Wright' documentary

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