Sunday, 12 March 2006

'The Free Radical' - the 'Death to Islam!' issue

I didn't blog yesterday because I finally grabbed the chance to devour the new Free Radical - the 'Death to Islam!' issue.

It's the best yet.

Lindsay Perigo says 'Death to Islam'; Marcus Bachler investigates what Richard Dawkins has to say about religion, and why it's 'The Root of All Evil'; George Reisman has plenty to say about Peak Oil and cartoons; some bloke called Peter Cresswell writes abut leaky houses, Nathaniel Branden, and how to sell your soul; Tibor Machan explains why Ayn Rand is so great; some Danish cartoons are published, and an honest academic is found (at Waikato, no less!)

It really is the best issue yet. Now's the time to subscribe and pick up your own copy.

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Death to Islam! - Lindsay Perigo

TAGS: Libertarianism, Objectivism


  1. Death To Islam

    Sounds a bit severe.

  2. PC

    Thanks for the link to Lindsay’s article from the Free Radical. It is when I read articles like this that I stand back in awe of the author. I see a painting that grabs my attention , read a poem or hear the words of a song that transports me temporarily to some other time, some other place, and I think – why can’t I do that? Well, I have other talents. But that doesn’t stop me being envious of those who can put into words exactly what I would want to say about a particular event or situation.

    Islam IS evil – it should be shouted from the rooftops, it should be expressed in every available western media outlet. And yes! We should ridicule these ridiculous bastards at every available opportunity. Ridicule, and support for ridicule from the highest authority is the best way of defeating this barbarity.

    Viva la ridicule!

    Viva la Free Radical!

  3. Agree with LL re the power of ridicule. Something I try to do in my own small way.

    PC: 'Waikato, no less!'

    Yes! I did a double-take; my first thought being 'misprint'!

  4. /* Some of the runners-up for the cover of TFR this issue....

    Death to Destiny Church!

    Death to Scouting New Zealand!

    Death to Shinto!

    Death to The Salvation Army

    Death to St Stephens Anglican Church!

    Death to St Bedes Colledge!!

    Death to Parnell Christian Woman's Knitting Circle (meets every second Sunday at Jubilee Hall, bring your own wool and scones)!! Yahh!


    Sounds a bit severe?

  5. Rick,

    I don’t have a problem with “Death to Islam”.

    We need to look at the definition of death. I suppose the opposite of death is life and that death therefore is the irreversible loss of the function of life (when described in biological terms). But death could also be described as the extinction or cessation of anything that exists even if it does not possess life as we would define it. Islam exists and therefore can be killed off.

    Lindsay is not calling for the death of all practicing Islamists (that would be severe), just the extinction of their ridiculous beliefs. Neither is he calling for a nuclear solution or napalm or poison gases. Now I admit, ridicule can be pretty hurtful to the sensitive but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

    Death by ridicule to an evil system of brainwashing. Yes! I’d be all for that.

    Ridicule away to your hearts content the Parnell Christian Woman’s Knitting Circle if you feel inclined Rick but you won’t get any support from me I’m afraid – sounds a bit severe! And as far as I know they aint bothering anyone else.

    Wool and scones may break my bones
    But names – no please – not names – can’t stand name-calling – I’ll need therapy. Heeeelp!!

    Good old ridicule you see – works every time.

  6. Lancashire,

    Isn't my little list one of ridiculous beliefs too? Do any fail to rival Islam for ridiculousness?

    They should be up for the same "death" then, no?

    If it's true that the Parnell Christian Woman’s Knitting Circle isn't bothering anyone else then neither is Islam.

    Islamism on the other hand is bothering lots of people. Islam is a very old and very successfull, peaceful, way of life. It's a shame TFR can't tell the difference and a relief that Alexander Downer can.

  7. Best Free Radical cover yet, IMO.


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