Thursday, 23 February 2006

Ten Worst NZers - 1

Okay, you just know I'm going to pick up this meme. I'm taking suggestions for the list, but do be quick: who in your opinion is the very worst NZer ever? Supporting argument for your choice would be good.


  1. Keith Locke.
    Communist. Maxist. In power here.

  2. Malcom Rewa, the serial rapist. Utter scum.

  3. You. For having such an adamantine skull ;-)

  4. Patrick Heenan, wartime traitor.

  5. Not a New Zealander. But broadly speaking, Te Rauparaha deserves a high place as a great savage tyrant.

    Sue Kedgley- the personification of every sour, sticky-beaked busybody in New Zealand.

    MJ Savage for our welfare state.

    Chris Trotter, most formidable intellectual enemy of liberty.

  6. Helen clark - one of the most vindictive, nasty decietful and corrupt Prime Ministers in modern history (close second is Rob Muldoon who nearly bankrupted NZ and also has many similar traits to Helen Clark).

  7. I could never stand looking at, or listening to, Jenny Shipley. She really loved having her photo taken next to Heads of State anywhere and everywhere. She seemed to me a false woman. Has anyone ever noticed her resemblance to Rob Muldoon - that little twisted smile where one side of her face bunches up?

  8. What about Bert Potter?

    I was out of the country when all the Centrepoint hooha erupted, thus dating my information, but if only a fraction of what reportedly happened was true, the man was evil.

    Anybody who interferes with a child is evil, but someone who does so while purporting to hold some sort of moral high ground (Jeez) is truly beyond description - in my less than humble opinion.

  9. Oh, and Jack & Elsie Locke, if only for producing Keith & Maire!


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