Thursday, 23 February 2006

Questions about 'South Park'

Q: So when is 'South Park' producing a 'Dumb-Arse Mohammed' episode?

Q: Who was more viciously satirised in the 'Bloody Mary' episode -- women, Catholics, or Alcoholics Anoymous?

Q: Was it funny?

Q: Will you watch it again?

Q: Isn't it interesting how one episode of 'South Park' has attracted more widespread interest and outrage than news of a political party overspending by half-a-million dollars of voters' own money to win an election and become a Government ?


  1. Richard McGrath23 Feb 2006, 12:39:00

    I watched the well-publicised South Park episode last night. Apart from the menstruating Virgin Mary, which was really a bit infantile, I thought it was actually quite well done. The episode revolved around a man's struggle to control his drinking behaviour - at one point choosing to view his alcohol intake as an illness rather than a matter of choice. In the end his son pointed out that the AA twelve-step programme was a cop-out from taking personal responsibility for, and control of, his actions. Libertarian psychiatrist Thomas Szasz would have approved!

  2. 1) They are probably working on it now to bump the ratings.

    2) AA, Catholics and women a distanct third.

    3) Not especially for their high standards.

    4) No. But it was the first episode I had watched in a while.

  3. The government will be thrilled at every distraction pulled out to avoid people remembering the abuse of taxvictim's money.


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