Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Top searches landing here this week

Top searches this week to this blog -- all very worthy:

claude megson (3rd)
broadacre city (not on front page)
morality quiz (8th on Yahoo)
no man is an island (not on front page)
frank lloyd wright huntington hartford country club (2nd)
philosophy and logic who needs it (15th)
csikszentmihalyi flow (10th)
economic growth is bad (11th on Yahoo)
eat them. skin them. save them. (1st)
coromandel mining (9th)
mario botta riva san vitale (2nd)
racism and banking (13th on Yahoo)
montessori anti (not on front page)
robert johnson clapton (1st on MSN Search)
villainy (26th on Yahoo)

And as usual, there's some oddballs:

is that your daughter? & suck & dick
dover samuels sex girl
anarchy tactics (23rd on Yahoo)

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