Wednesday, 18 January 2006

It's International De-Lurking Week...

Lurker: n. Someone waiting in concealment [syn: skulker, lurcher]. One of the `silent majority' in a electronic forum; one who posts occasionally or not at all but is known to read the group's postings regularly. This term is not pejorative and indeed is casually used reflexively: "Oh, I'm just lurking." Often used as in: `the lurkers', the hypothetical audience for the group's flamage-emitting regulars. When a lurker speaks up for the first time, this is called `de-lurking'. See also Lurker at Wikipedia.
Span has noticed that many US bloggers have self-declared this to be International De-lurker Week, and being (as you know) a dedicated follower of fashion myself, and also bloody curious about the people who read this here blog, perhaps you'd care to take up this once-a-year invitation to turn on, log in, and say "Yo!" We bloggers value every single one of you. (I'll turn off the anti-spam Word Verification for a day or so just so's it's easier for you.) Now is the time for all good people to de-lurk!

PS: Thanks to those who commented on my question about comments. All useful stuff. Ta. :-)

UPDATE: Ruth, who did try to comment, sent me this link to someone who didn't:
What kind of shitty comment whoring ploy is National De-Lurking Week anyway? Is it some feeble attempt to guilt readers into taking a whiz on your Blogs? A marking of the territory so to speak? It’s all bullshit I tell you.

Let’s face it. Most Blogs are shit. It’s bad enough that I have to read through some shitty post you wrote about your shit ass cat, or that recipe for some vile and disgusting gruel you prepare for your family. I read through your tired old jokes that have been floating around the internet for two years already, some lame bullshit quiz that means absolutely nothing, or look at some cutie pie pictures of your shit and piss soaked kid with the daily meal smeared all over his face. Oh please don’t get me started on your regurgitated political commentary that I’ve already heard three times from every radio and television talk show host.

Bottom line…Your fucking posts just aren’t comment worthy, at least by me anyway.

So there, and right back atcha, Dude! You might not get Dax at your site, but here's some tips to take to heart if you want other people to enjoy your sorry-ass blog: Ten Tips on Writing the Living Web, by Mark Bernstein. Make use of them.


  1. Im a Lurker!! - courtesy of Ruth of the former Chaos Theory - I have a habit of wandering this way from time to time!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. i lurk too, via bloglines, thanks for the hat tip - i think the US had their National Delurking Week last week, but i figured it was worth promoting it for the wider blog audience :-)

  3. I lurk in and out of here, from time to time, hoping to read something about what you are drinking... it's been a real drought recently.

    I'm very active at realbeer and ratebeer (not a blog, as such, but it is basically the diary of a beer lover).

    Keep up the good work. There is almost nothing in here that I agree with but I enjoy the read all the same - especially those posts that aren't libertarian rants ;-) ...


  4. I am not a lurker, though I haven't commented much for a while. I am on a demonic streak right now. Whatever comes to my mind is just not suitable to be made public... ;-)

  5. Hi there Sharon, span, Stu and Hong. Thanks for calling. A great promotion, span. :-)

    It has been a bit dry here recently hasn't it, and you'll no doubt hate my last post, Stu. ;^)

    Good to 'see' you again, Hong. Do tell! We really are all ears!! :-)

  6. "Are you talkin to me?"

    Ahem, has anybody mentioned that your new pic looks just a bit like Robert De Niro minus the mole? Don't remember how much chest hair does he has though...arrrgh, better shut up now. ;-)

    Anyway, I enjoy your blog. Even though I am not into most of the political stuff, yours are always witty and fun to read.

  7. Yeah, look, it's 2006. Make with the splendid picture of the sitting again' the fence or we're all gonna address you as Robert De Niro from now until you do.

  8. Thanks Hong. You can call me Bob. :-)


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