Friday, 27 January 2006

"Portrait' - Feng Qi

Wonderful portrature by a Chinese artist with the Anglicised name Zoe, Chinese name Feng Qi, with whom I dined tonight. Fortunately for Chinese artistry, the world of post-modernism passed by the Chinese art world, meaning 'old-fashioned' artistic concepts like learning your craft are still valued, and have long been taught.

I'm sure I see a touch of Wyeth in this one...


Blogger Andrew Zhao said...

hello Feng Qi,

I am Zhao Yong whom you knew at Chongqing in China before you left China. Could you be so kind to reach me by MSN or phone as I got an inquiry who wants to buy your original oil painting:

Your earliest response will be appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Zhao Yong.

12 Nov 2008, 15:15:00  
Blogger Unknown said...

Is Feng Qi no longer in China? I have some of her paintings and would like to keep up with her progress.


17 Apr 2012, 05:46:00  

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