Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Farewell Tana

2005 was a great ride for All Black fans, and Tana's brilliance was one of the reasons. Farewell Tana. You've given us all some great memories -- shame we can't afford to keep you here.


  1. "...shame we can't afford to keep you here."

    But, he is staying here.

  2. Yes, so I've just heard. I guess like everyone else I assumed he'd be making the most of his remaining seasons to make some good money while he can. His call, of course, but I really think that in future years he'll regret not doing that.

  3. money v. family and quality of life.

    I'm sure he's not short a bob or two as it is.

  4. I agree with James.

    TU has three kids which does change one's priorities - and a still-good income by local standards. He's no dumbie and I think he'll regret nothing. Besides, you don't think he'll be snapped up as an administrator or media commentator some day soon?

    As a Hurricanes/Wgtn supporter I remember him with short hair. He and his hair will be missed at the top of the Black line by me.

    Good luck to him.


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