Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Bloggery & elsewhere

I've just added two blogs: the BioNuclear Bunny -- tagline, "Our future is Biotech and Nuclear. Embrace the change. Embrace the Bunny" -- and local blog Kete Were, which I don't think will be embracing the Bunny any time soon. Say the Kete-ers: "We have Baskets. Of Stuff." Test their claim.

And here's another thing: G-Man is upset because I've demoted him in my blogroll from 'Libz & Elsewhere' to just another Compulsion Touter. My reasoning is that he's clearly a supporter of the Association of Compulsion Touters. He disagrees. What do you think? I guess he is one of the few bloggers out there who at least doesn't have me linked as a Right Wing Blog, which is something to be grateful for I guess, but he was so unfair to poor what's-her-name, wasn't he.

Oh, and if you hadn't already heard, Lindsay Perigo is back on air at Radio Live over the summer. Listen in this week on the nine-to-noon slot. This morning he's interviewing both Tibor Machan and Don Brash. Ring quickly.

Linked Sites: BioNuclear Bunny, Kete Were, GMan Inc., Radio Live

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  1. I have never really figured how my ambitions towards total world domination and the enslavement of the human race got me on the Compulsion Touters list either!



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