Thursday, 12 January 2006

Waiheke Project, Organon Architecture

An unbuilt 1991 project for a ridge overlooking Oneroa. Maybe one day... :-)


  1. Love the cantilevered deck and I bet it won't fall off like a DOC one!

    FLW influence? ;-)

    (I have been reading up- and enjoying it!)

  2. "FLW influence?" Oh crikey, you've got me. ;^)

    "Love the cantilevered deck and I bet it won't fall off like a DOC one!" Not a chance. The house was designed for a steel fabricator, to help show off his work: given his conservatism, the structure would more likely have overbalanced the rest of the house. :-)

  3. If it overbalances you could name it "Falling Quarters"

    Seriously I would like to see it built. Waiheke has some stylish buildings but not enough of them.

    Every headland seems to have some form of tacky excresence befouling it. I don't deny their right to build however there is no accounting for taste.

    A genuine question; are we so uncomfortable with our own history that we branch out to the techno-tuscan-turd with such vigor. Minimalist dung that would drive a dog mad if it was chained to it.

    There must be something of form and proportion we can develop out of our own experience that says 'New Zealand, good design'

  4. I'm building a far less ambitious one at the moment- a recreation of the classic NZ hunter's hut, before DOC destroyed them and replaced anything with character with a Lockwood box.

    After a year I have found a site on private land, well out of the public eye. Now that the gorse is cleared, I hope to start on the foundations in a week or two.


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