Wednesday, 23 November 2005

They're everywhere

There's someone that Susan the Libertarian is eager to meet, someone who - if you believe all you read -- apparently represents a dying breed. She would like to meet "the one single, solitary Kiwi who's never been":

1. Molested by Dad, Mum or any family member, schoolteacher, scoutmaster or church leader

2. Obese, anorexic or bulemic

3. Racist, sexist, ageist or vice versa

4. In danger of getting skin cancer from the sun, or just plain old cancer from coffee, meat or anything else that tastes good

5. Addicted to anything .. alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling, sex, shopping or sugar

6. Made redundant, bankrupt or otherwise insolvent - (in spite of Christmas costs!)

7. Exposed to the latest chemical from some evil foreign corporate, or the latest potential 'pandemic' destined to wipe every human from the face of the earth; eg Sars or Bird Flu

8. Worried about hyped-up crap from greenie-reds such as Global Warming or the Ozone Hole, and finally

9. Influenced by dorks in government depts!

So where is the Kiwi who thoroughly loves life and his or her family?!

They're everywhere. They simply - and sensibly! - ignore the 'news' and all its nonsense.

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  1. Come on PC, any opinion piece which labels global warming as 'hyped-up crap' really has to be filed in the 'ignorance' bin...

  2. Hey Dmentd, the Earth may or may not be warming up but the thrust of the Global Warming religion - that evil Man is causing it with his harmful commerce - is complete crap.

    PC, checking Sus's original, it seems she "ha[s] a friend who reckons he's just dying (!) to meet the one single, solitary Kiwi who's never been ..."

    By the way, in response to that list, what's wrong with:
    1) being addicted to sex, if it doesn't prevent you living the good life;
    2) having been made redundant, if you got on with the job of living and re-educating or finding another job;
    3) having been "[e]xposed to the latest chemical from some evil foreign corporate" and not given a shit?

  3. Would that be the same ‘ignorance’ bin where all the opinion pieces which labeled the Y2K bug as ‘hyped up crap’ were filed? How many billions of dollars were squandered on that little beauty?

    It seems to me there is as much evidence to support the global warming theory as there is evidence that God exists. That is … none! Tell a lie often enough and it starts to resemble the truth, so they say. And haven’t we been bombarded at our every turn with ‘the fact’ that global warming is for real. Every excessively hot day or excessively wet day is now blamed by our pliant media on “global warming”.

    If you want to get to the truth, follow the money trail. Who stands to gain from perpetuating a lie? The scientists who say the earth is not warming or the scientists who say it is and are granted squillions of dollars to prove it? Or maybe the governments that are able to squeeze every last cent out of our pockets by imposing carbon taxes and fart taxes and every other mad tax they can dream up to protect us all from something, even if it were happening, we have no control over.

    The “experts” tell us that 93-95% of pollutants in the atmosphere are naturally occurring and that the remaining 5-7% are man-made. And they want to reduce that 5-7% by 1-3% (ie: approx one fifteen-thousandth part). Do you think that would make a cents worth of difference if man-made pollutants were actually causing the atmosphere to warm? I would suggest not!

    Personally I have no problem with attempting to cut back on man made pollutants. That makes sense if it can be done without costing us all an arm and a leg and the emptying of our wallets into government coffers. I remember driving through Manchester in England around forty years ago with blanket smog all around caused by the smoke from all the factories and coal-burning power stations. My brother had to walk in front of the car tapping on the bonnet to let me know it was clear to proceed – we still managed to drive across the middle of a round-about. But all that has changed now, Manchester air is reasonably clean, the pollutant causing factories are gone or are modernized. The houses all have central heating instead of a coal-burning fireplace. Science, technology and time took care of the problem – and another huge difference in those days – we didn’t have the same pliant media trying to scare us all shitless, or government attempting to dig to the bottom of our pockets (for our own good of course).

  4. You're right, Andrew. There's nothing wrong with the riders attached to 1, 2 & 3.

    The piece was a tongue-in-cheek response to a news bulletin on ZB that consisted largely of what we humans *might* contract or die of.

    Nothing new there, of course. It just pissed me off and I had time on my hands!

    Besides, greenie/red-baiting remains a favourite hobby. And there's nothing like slaughtering a sacred green cow or two, to get them shrieking.

    That's the problem with socialists. (Are you lurking, Steve?)

    No sense of humour.


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