Thursday, 10 November 2005

Some interesting readers

You know, it's fun keeping an eye on where blog readers come from. I've noticed some interesting readers here at 'Not PC' recently from some very interesting places -- place that including but are not not limited to (yep, I can keep some secrets) the Universities of Virginia, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, Colorado State and California State, Northridge; the Australian Department of Housing, the NZ Ministry of Education, Richmond Public School in Virginia, the German Leibniz-rechenzentrum Der Bayerischen Akademie, Stanford University, Melbourne City Council, Fairfax Australia, Wilson & Horton, Time Warner, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Bloomberg Financial Market, Waikato District Health Board; and my favourites, the Mississippi Naval Research Laboratory and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Hi to all of you. I hope you're enjoying your visit. :-)

And while we're looking at who came here and from where, popular searches landing here recently (in descending order, all Google searches unless otherwise noted) are:
eco fascism (9th at Yahoo)
philippa barriball (not on front page)
che guevara (13th at MSN search)
"o'driscoll" "whinging pom" (6th)
daniel wolf famine spectator (2nd at Yahoo)
paper defending aristophane's Lysistrata (1st at Yahoo)
what constitutes conspiracy to possess cocaine (not on front page)
irshad manji how to contact (17th)
auckland leaky homes and redwood group (3rd)
sizewell b power station (6th at Yahoo)
why is oil so expensive? (2nd at MSN search)
bird flu (not on front page)
globalisation myths (8th at Yahoo)
voucher failure (2nd)
nozick explained (19th)
vienna secession (not on front page)
hello sailor-gutter black our media (2nd)
Bob Mitchell of NASA (5th at Yahoo)
life story Victor Horta (10th at MSN search)

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