Monday, November 14, 2005

How scary is Nandor really?

Is Nandor really so scary? The Whig puts the case for and against. His conclusion: Hysteria Nandor-wise is our fault -- well, your fault.
[It is due to] the disgraceful redneckery in this country that Nandor is seen as the most dangerous of the Green MPs. He's not even that scary. Sue Kedgley wins that prize hands down, with or without makeup. At least Nandor wants to legalise something. All Kedgley has is a list of things she wants banned.
Think about it. And while you're contemplating, imagine what Nandor would be like without the dreads. Don't imagine it: see it. Will has done the artwork. Scary.



Anonymous Sus said...

Sue's scary for sure, but I reckon Keith Locke's the scariest of them all.

Let's face it, he was bred to be a shocker. His mum and dad, Jack & Else, were shining lights of the old communist party as it was and I believe his sister is Maire Leadbetter, (yes?), a one-time Auck city councillor who was opposed to anything remotely commercial and/or progressive ...

Nah. There's no hope for Keith!

Oh, and as for Nandor, he's only in favour of limited drug legalisation .. I seem to recall his touting a fine for anything other than private use prior to the election? Something like that.

Typical greenie-red: fines, taxes and bugger all principles!

11/14/2005 03:09:00 pm  

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