Monday, 14 November 2005

Frank Lloyd Wright - house for Ayn Rand

Sadly, never built.


  1. Build it and they will come Peter. Well, maybe Peikoff.

  2. Was it for California or NY? My FLW books have all been packed away.

  3. California. It was meant to be a country villa. At the time when he designed it Rand said she couldn't afford it - Atlas hadn't yet been released. When she moved back to NY and finished Atlas she realised that NY was the apotheosis of a city to her, and that she couldn't leave. When she could afford it she no longer wanted it.

  4. Is there a way to access the detailed plans for this house? Anyone have any idea if that'd be possible?

    I want it. I'll build it myself.

  5. I believe the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has the plans.

    You would need to talk to them. :-)

  6. Ayn Rand did have a very nice house in Northridge California. It got torn down for a housing development. Eventually they built a middle school right on top of the land, Nobel Jr. High. I went to that school and had no idea of it's history until I checked out the street address of Rand's house decades later.

    It's like they wanted to do the ultimate insult to Rand. Make her an unperson, someone who never was,then built the most offensive thing they could think of to her in it's place. A state run indoctrination camp otherwise known as a public school.


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