Monday, 14 November 2005

Fiddling while Paris burns

The debates on the French riots continue.

Cox and Forkum have a selection of columns arguing for the point of their cartoon at right (some of which you will have already seen here at 'Not PC').

Arnold Kling argues, rather in the vein of 'The collapse of Europe's 'social market' dream.' "My reaction to the riots," he says, "is to view them as teenage rebellion against the state as parent." It is time he argues to effect a separation of state and family. Paternalism hasn't worked; it's time to look to individualism.

Linked article: Separation of Family & State -- Arnold Kling

1 comment:

  1. These riots do not follow the "American" model (race), nor typical protests by poor or oppressed ethnic groups.

    It does follow well Prof Martin van Creveld's "Decline of the State" model.

    See "Rioting in France and the Decline of the State" for a different (& apolitical) perspective.

    The DNI site features article by and for military and intelligence professionals.


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