Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Telecom breaks bread with murderers

Here's a nice heartwarming story: RSA killer on prison debating team
Convicted RSA triple murderer William Bell competed in a formal debate in Paremoremo Prison last week against a team of Telecom executives... The training exercise was designed to improve the communication and leadership skills of the executives, while at the same time teaching the inmates to accept other points of view.

Isn't that nice. White liberal apologists for violence giving respect to murderers, rapists and other thugs who have destroyed, ruined or taken the lives of good people.
Telecom spokesperson Ken Brophy told Herald on Sunday that Bell, who is serving a 30-year prison sentence for the RSA killing spree in Auckland in 2001, had been "very articulate" on the debating team. He said the other prisoners were also "amazing, impactful and informative".
Let me say this very clearly so there's absolutely no confusion: Ken Brophy and the Telecom executive who thought this was a great idea are fuckwits. The Telecom executives who took part in the debate, and who stayed behind afterwards to "talk about last week's rugby league match over cake, crackers and dip" are all fuckwits.

I'm with Garth McVicar on this: "It horrifies me for the families involved," says McVicar, "that William Bell killed their loved ones and he is treated with the respect of being involved in a debate."

Murderers are people too? Not once they've become a murderer they're not. They're inhuman maggots deserving of all the respect due to something you might scrape off your shoe. If you were thinking of changing from Telecom to Vodaphone, now might be a good tiome to do so, an to let Telecom know why.

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