Friday, 21 October 2005

Test Friends

Cripes, I'm either completely open and transparent, or you lot are reading my mail. Or could it be that the questions I asked are just so obvious that even people I don't know score well? Whatever or however, my Friends Test has shown me that some people who know me best I don't know at all, and some who I do know know more about me than I do! It's a worry. A real worry.

Top five scores are:
1. Peter 96
2. Mac 84
3. Andrew B. 82
4. Richard 78
5. andrew h 78

So just who the hell is Mac?


  1. Mac is me!

    We met just once Peter, when you were in Palmerston North with Linz, Hooch and Adrian Chisholme and we all gave heaps to the contender for a seat with NZ First (can't remember her name - but she wanted to "make a difference").

    Most of my answers to your quiz were (slightly) educated guesses. I know you are a jazz fanatic so assumed Duke Ellington would be up there with your favourites. Every boy's first car is a peddle car (or was when we were kids). I had to assume you studied architecture at Uni but it could have been philosophy - or anything really.

    I don't know if those answers were correct so don't be thrown. No, I'm not stalking you or reading your mail - but I do read your blog daily - and thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks!



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