Friday, 9 September 2005

Some more questions

  • Does anyone genuinely give a fuck about the Exclusive Brethren's leaflets? Or is it all manufactured heat and spin? Have you actually seen them? Why is so much goddamn time being taken over how they were produced, rather than what they actually say?
  • What's really wrong with a leaflet attacking the government when we're in the middle of a fucking election?
  • Chris Trotter suggested yesterday that Helen Clark would win last night's TV debate just by staying on message and just avoid smirking. Did she?
  • Didn't Pita Sharples seem sensible on the debate? How long do you think that will last once he's in Parliament?
  • Will he be in Parliament? Will John Tamihere? Will Winston? Will Atareta?
  • Do you think Winston knows he's losing it? Does Rodney?
  • If Peter Dunne is just a doormat for both Big Old Parties, then is Rodney just a lapdog for Don? And what does that make Winston and Jeanette? An old dog that can't learn any new tricks, and the sort of dog that leaves hair all over your clothes? Are these metaphors really as pathetic as they sound?
  • Wasn't Helen's make-up simply splendid? Did she get the Woman's Day team in to do it?
  • Aren't the TV debates better without that shagging worm. And John Campbell.
  • Was Rodney talking to the country in last night's TV debate, or just to Epsom voters? Did anyone hear him say 'Party vote Act' more than once?
  • Have you noticed the frequency with which the words 'individual liberty,' 'freedom,' 'responsibility' and 'property rights' have appeared around the hustings? Shame none of the wankers using the words intend to do anything about them, but lip service is at least progress.
  • How many times did you hear the words 'family' and 'common sense' last night? Is there such a thing as word inflation by which the value of words diminishes with over-use?
  • What the fuck does Peter Dunce's Family's Commission do all day, and why should we keep paying them to do it?
  • Does anyone remember what Bill English looks like? Is that a bad thing?
  • The top ten bloggers (measured by number of posts) produced 1663 posts in August, roughly 390 per week. How many posts do you think these ten will produce the week after the election? The month after? Do you think Tim Selwyn could offer odds on some different combinations?
  • Has anyone actually availed themselves of Tim Selwyn's Election Book? Or is he just talking in the dark?
  • Does anyone actually understand what the fuck Tim Selwyn is on about, or is it just me?
  • Was the best headline about the Brash-Dunce meeting this one: "It's Rodney. Hide."
  • If the Epsom poll shows Hide in the lead, will Helen openly ask Labour voters to hold their nose and back Worthless? Will they listen?
  • If National lose another election, will their 'strategist' for three successive election defeats fall on his sword? And who the fuck ever decided Murray McCully to be a strategist?
  • How much do political scientists get paid to deliver wisdom that consists of either the bloody obvious, or the bloody stupid? Why are these people taken seriously? Are they?


  1. You're in the top 10. And of course there is such a thing as word inflation. Keep on saying "yellow", or it's Afrikaans equivalent "geel". It sounds funny after a while.

  2. PC: I will have each party vote presented as a binary option of + or - my pick. That will be up over the weekend and everyone (bloggers esp.) can put their balls on the line. Then on the 18th there will be odds on the government formation possibilities. The fun never ends.

  3. PC,
    I shall answer only one of you excellent list of questions:
    "Is there such a thing as word inflation by which the value of words diminishes with over-use?"

    Yes, there is. The linguistic term you're after is *cliche*. True story.

    In an aside, I see the word recognition word below is "poxrc". Does the Pope know that your blog is wishing a plague upon his house I wonder? ;-)

  4. I decided to actually read the Exclusive Brethren brochure (go figure) and discovered that they had some very reasonable points about the Greens, and that they were all actually true (using that in the political sense).

    The Greens would rebut each point by calling it an outright lie or a half truth.

    For example, is it a lie the Greens voted against adding property rights to the NZ Bill of Rights??

    Yes total lies, because they had reasons for voting against adding protection of property rights to the B.O.R

    That's just weird logic.

    Nice submission on that point by the way, P.C. I used your submission to make my point about the importance of property rights. Made perfect sense to me. Not sure a Greenie using the above logic will have much hope however.

    The Exclusive Brethren vs The Greens


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