Friday, 9 September 2005

Candidate meetings at VUW and Karori

A report in from yesterday's VUW and Karori candidate meetings:

Another day, another (two) meeting(s).
The first, at the University at lunchtime was largely a waste of time. It was cold and damp and the audience consisted almost entirely of candidate fan clubs. Very few actual punters were apparent. The sound was atrocious and it was virtually impossible to hear what any of the candidates said.
Karori Rotary ran a much better meeting. The format was standard - five minutes from each candidate (thankfully down from ten) followed by questions, with the addition of a two minute close from each candidate when the questions ran dry. The audience were generally polite although many of the questions were quite abrasive.
The usual waffle was in evidence. United Future likes families. Families are groups of people. This was pretty convincing and as I'm often part of a group of people I'll probably change my vote now. One of the Greens' four main planks is "appropriate decision making", presumably in opposition to all the candidates who were promoting inappropriate decision making.
Highlight of the night was Marian Hobbs' closing address. Think about it. It's nine days until an election that's too close to call in an electorate that's too close to call. She only has one real opponent, so who does she go after? Li'l ole Libz! Ranting on about how "you can't privatise the air" and generally raising eyebrows all around the room. Except for "eyebrows" Blumsky himself who was too busy pissing himself laughing.

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