Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Brash supports school facing Ministry prosecution

I've previously praised the actions of Orauta School and Raupanga School for defying the Ministry of Mis-Education's orders to close their doors and send their children to the state's factory schools. Now Don Brash is found praising trustees of Papakura's unregistered Te Kura 0 Kawepo school which faces closure for similar reasons:
[Brash] pointed to a newsletter sent out by the trust, which said: We believe it is more important to teach Maori kids to read, write and count than it is to ensure that ineffective state providers are protected by the Crown from competition.
That is exactly what we want to achieve," Dr Brash said.
Good for him, and good on the Kotahitanga Trust.

Jim Matheson is the Man From the Ministry who has decided to bully this school. Tell him what you think of him on this phone number: Jim Matheson, Operational Policy Manager, National Operations, ph 04-463-8231.

And send your messages of support to the Kotahitanga Trust, at 2/6 Queen St Papakura Auckland. Tell them I sent you. :^)

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