Monday, 12 September 2005

"Lose the beard."

Julian sheds his hair, gets coverage, girlfriend is happy. Just the beard to go now. :-)

And you can hear Julian's latest speech by following this link.
Who's in charge of your life? You are. However, if you ask ANY of these people behind me, they'll say: "Yes, BUT..."
Is a vote for Libertarianz a wasted vote? "No!' says LibertyScott, and he explains why. I had a go at answering this question myself yesterday. Says Scott:
So I am voting Libertarianz because it is what I believe in - in its own marginal way, I am telling the main parties that I believe in freedom, and I know several thousand other New Zealanders will do the same - at a time when there is immense pressure to vote for National to get rid of the People's Republic of Clarkistan - I will vote according to what I want, not third best!

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