Monday, 12 September 2005

Epsom declaration: "Rodney Hide must be stopped"

"Rodney Hide must be stopped." The words of Epsom's Labour Party candidate Stuart Nash this afternoon at the Forde's Frontbench candidate's meeting in Auckland Central.

Asked to confirm what he meant by that, Nash told me, on the record, "The official word is: Electorate vote Worthless. Party vote Labour."

This Epsom voter will have trouble doing either.

[UPDATE: Nash has just confirmed this news on Linda Clark's 'Nine to Noon' show.]


  1. are you voting hide?

  2. With the options so stark you still need persuading????

  3. hmmm,
    well there's that gabb guy from destiny. hmm, the less said about him the better.
    worthless from national and nash from labour, both high tax high spend parties.
    keith locke. let's not go there.
    some woman from the political brothel that is United Future.
    Or Rodney Hide. Granted his party is not truly libertarian but he is the closest thing we have to a libertarian in the house.
    I say Party Vote Libz, candidate vote Hide.

    Convinced PC?

  4. PC, my I remind you of your statement that the libz would vote for anything that went into the direction, however slightly, of more 'freedom'?

    Think about that when you're in the booth.

  5. Berends got you there PC...

  6. That would be new freedom, with no new coercion.

    If you read that article, it wouldl have explained how ACT's compromised policies all involve new coercion.

    Keep trying. At present I'm still set on abstaining on my electorate vote, but as I said I'm still willing to be persuaded.

  7. For starters, RH might give Don Brash enough MP's so less money is stolen from you.

  8. Of the two blocks on offer its patently obvious that the "Right" one is more inclined towards freedom in more areas than the "Left" one is.With Brash a good chance to become PM there is scope for a freeer NZ....but only if ACT is there to hold Brash up against the conservative elements in National who will oppose any moves towards a more socialy liberal NZ.its not the Libertarian ideal by any means but its a step closer which is the best option on the table this time....look at the alternative and its a stark choice.

  9. Rodney may sound libertarian (when he's not evading answering why nearly half of his MPs voted against Civil Unions) but his is the party that stands between the Libertarianz and those who should rightly vote for the party because they believe in its ideas but lack the courage of their convictions.

    There's no room in parliament for the Libz and ACT at once. Get ACT out of parliament and hasten the day we get there.

    Party Vote: Libz.
    Electorate Vote: Worthless.

    One other thing - if the Nats don't get there this election, the next three years will be a lot more socialism as opposed to a more slowly creeping socialism. There will be a backlash in three years time and with ACT out of parliament the Libz stand do do a lot better.


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