Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Kim Jong Ill? Or Kim Jong Dead?

As the boys at Cox and Forkum have noted, where the hell is Kim Jong Ill? Anyone seen him about lately?

As they say:
North Korea is constantly in the news because of its never-ending cycle of nuclear blackmail (which our politicians help perpetuate), but there are never reports about Kim. Where is he?
Good question.


  1. I wouldn't say it means much. Kim Jong Il virtually never speaks in public because he has a funny voice, he is very short, and very self conscious. He prefers to watch and direct films, sleep on beds of teenage girls, drink cognac and watch South Korean TV programmes. will refer to all the things he allegedly does - so the local media there are not showing any signs of a change.

  2. I wondered if this would flush you out. My ploy only took minutes to work. :-)

    Hope you're settling in over there.

  3. The reason why Kim is invisible is that the current talks and agreements are meaningless.

  4. He tucked tail back to planet Xiron after the Team America affair. Way to keep up with world affairs guys, sheesh.

  5. Yep managing it, I start work on Friday, tons to do, friend had her bag snatched last night, but blog will be back up and running next week, when net access is a bit more regular!


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