Wednesday, 28 September 2005

The Big Sleep

Classic film noir: sharp, stylish and as beautiful as a split lip. Not a plot line to fall asleep to, but with dialogue this cracking, who could. Famously, Bacall became Mrs Bogart between re-takes.


  1. Hey, I watched that last weekend. But it was Robert Mitchum, Jimmy Steward and unimpresive.

  2. I confess I too found the later version with Mitchum unimpressive, so for once we agree, Rick. ;^)

    I do heartily recommend Raymond Chandler's hard-edged books, from which this and other films came. But as Chandler's Philip Marlowe, Bogart is superb.

  3. Ve shall see about dat.
    I just got the 15 DVD episodes of The Prisoner I haven't seen yet so Cresswell Credibility is on the line.


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