Thursday, 1 September 2005

"Keep taxing petrol" - Mallard

"Cutting excise tax on petrol would mean less money for [xxxx], Energy Minister Trevor Mallard says" on the Herald site.

Insert any words you like where I've put xxxx -- after all, Trevor does. And remember when you fill up your car that 47% of the cost, plus GST, goes straight to Michael, Trevor and Helen to piss up against an electoral wall. Steve Forbes has an idea where some of the rest of the cost increase comes from.

[UPATE 1: Links fixed.]
[UPDATE 2: Bush's agreement last night to release some of the US petroleum reserve fulfils one part of Forbes ' recommendation.]



Blogger libertyscott said...

It's a small mercy, but users of LPG only pay tax that is dedicated to the National Land Transport Fund, of which nearly 90% goes on roads. Diesel users pay Road User Charges which go entirely to the same place. Well, until the Greens get their hands on transport!

1 Sep 2005, 22:19:00  

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