Friday, 2 September 2005

Did global warming drown Bourbon St?

Former New Orleans resident and full-time man of sense James Glassman from TCS puts the sword to environmentalists using Hurricane Katherine as evidence either that hurricanes are intensifying, or is evidence of global warming.

Katrina has nothing to do with global warming. Nothing. It has everything to do with the immense forces of nature that have been unleashed many, many times before and the inability of humans, even the most brilliant engineers, to tame these forces. Giant hurricanes are rare, but they are not new. And they are not increasing. To the contrary. Just go to the website of the National Hurricane Center and check out a table that lists hurricanes by category and decade.

Reason magazine also "checked the barometer on hurricanes and global warming" a few weeks back to see if there any pointers to a connection. The result: no connection found.

[Hat tip: Hit and Run's Hurricane Bullshit]

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  1. Interesting article. Worth pointing out that the list of hurricanes by decade is only for hurricanes that have hit the US. If you look at Atlantic hurricanes, 7 of the 10 most active seasons ever have been in the past 15 years (see

    (I did have a quick look for something that gave long-term trends for hurricanes worldwide, but couldn't find it).


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