Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Beachhaven Candidates Meeting

A report from Libz Northcote candidate Peter Linton on last night's Beachhaven meeting:

Great meeting at Beachhaven last night with nine other candidates. Destiny, Winston First, ACT were non-entities.

Jonathan Coleman was your typical smarmy National politician, prepared to say all the right things to get your vote. If he keeps up the energy and the grease he could take the seat off Anne Hartley. The Maori Party candidate Frances Waaka had some passion for what she stood for & made a good attempt.

Nandor Tanczos was your typical Greenie--no surprise there--but a good public speaker & had some fire in his belly. Not his electorate, but the Greens don't have a candidate in Northcote. Perhaps Nandor is covering all Auckland electorates without a Green Man of their own? He was relieved to see I didn't turn up wearing a suit & tie as he didn't want to look like everyone else - fat chance with his hair.

I wore my Politically Incorrect T-shirt, black jeans & winkle pickers to make sure I didn't look the same as anyone else. It certainly made me stand out --particularly the winkle pickers: you could still smell the moth balls.

Grant Gillon was there saying vote for Anne Hartley, but give your party vote to him. He came across as just another tax & spend socialist who knows what's best for the masses. No surprise there either: he works with Jim Anderton.

Anne Hartley is another evil socialist who not only knows what's best, but would happily tell everyone that they're too stupid to know & they should be grateful that she's in Parliament. All hail Oh Great Sister Anne!

For myself, ran over time slightly, however I really enjoyed the question period with some great interjections. It was reassuring being able to say what you think because you're selling ideas not trying to buy votes.

A great night.

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