Wednesday, 10 August 2005

MMP at work in Epsom

How do you think Rodney would feel about this sign going up around the Epsom electorate?

After all, he's said about his own somewhat similar signs "all the billboard does is explain MMP and that it is no more misleading than National using pictures of Helen Clark. He says his advice is that the billboard fits within the law." Further, "He would be okay with another party using the ACT logo depending on how it was used. The important thing is to explain MMP and what we need to do to get a change of government and the National Party can't do it on its own."

So there you go.

Question is, how would decent, upstanding Libz voters feel about seeing that logo on their otherwise good-looking billboards. And the colours just don't really work, do they? Still, I do hear a rumour a few might be appearing around the Epsom electorate ...

[UPDATE: Feel free to save and print out an A1 PDF of this bilbboard, available here.]


  1. A hoarding of this nature would possibly be the most sensible advertising I have ever seen from the Libertarianz. I'd congratulate you if I didn't think you were simply taking the piss.

  2. What would make you think I was taking the piss, Blair?

  3. I didn't think you were all that keen to endorse Rodney Hide as the candidate in Epsom ;o)

  4. As an ACT/Libz supporter I could live with that. Maybe the Libz are starting to see sense and are not going to cut off the Liberal nose to spite the Libertairian face yet again?

  5. Funny :-)

    But would it be a problem? Do party votes still count of you win an electorate? I.e. will they add up to more seats or so?

    But I wouldn't hold back, I'm sure Rodney will appreciate the humor.


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