Saturday, 20 August 2005

Libz TV ads: Who Owns Your Life?

I'm as pleased as punch, as happy as Larry, and as excited as a nun in a soapy bath* to announce that the Libertarianz' opening TV address will be
a) broadcast tonight on TV One, between 7:30 and 8:30; and
b) if you want to avoid all the other dross on over that hour, you can also find it here at the Libz website, along with the Libz cinema ad. (Feel free to send the link far and wide.)

As the ad says, at this election you have just two real choices, Nanny State in at least a dozen different guises, or Libertarianz -- a vote for yourself. Who owns your life? You do. Vote Libz if you want to wrestle it back from Nanny.

NB: The five-second ads will be up there shortly as well (or you can have a look at the rough cuts here).

*Two nuns in the bath. First Nun: "Where's the soap." Second Nun: "It does, doesn't it." (Think about it.)
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  1. I'm fairly bloody happy about it too.
    Very slick, and for all the world to see. And not to badly written either.

  2. Bernard was good but Julian looked too much like Nandor,in that scriuffy way and so would have detracted from the message...which was good and to the point.If only it had been out two elections back!!

  3. Libertarianz or LibertariaNZ, is there a correct version or are they both good?

  4. Scriuffy!?

    Pistorius in his Libz unifrom was as sharp as a tack. The perfect complement to the suit. The dynamic duo put out a message of "We're casual, we're good keen men like you AND we're serious and suited up to boot!"

    And the titling was great too, whoever did that. Based on the origional font and colour scheme of course- big ups to whoever origionated that too.

    She's a cracker!

  5. and watch for the Libertarianz TV ads starting next Tuesday evening on Prime!


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