Sunday, 7 August 2005

Libz TV ads -- rough cuts ready

It's been a busy few days. Reviewing the script for Libz's TV ads and signing up new Libz members at AUT on Thursday, campaigning in Cambridge and recording two radio shows in Hamilton, and last night organising a 'charity pub crawl' for next weekend around downtown Auckland. Phew.

Here's a sneak preview of the rough cut of the Libz TV ads: Opening address zipped here; assorted five second ads zipped here. Enjoy - and don't tell them I've let you have a look; keep it under your hat. :-)

(NOTE: The compression used to post these means the sound is a bit munted. You'll need a player with MPEG4 capability, whatever that means. Winamp works for me.)


  1. I couldn't get any images, but it sounds very nice.

  2. michael fasher7 Aug 2005, 17:55:00

    neither could i and the five second ads were all the same the who owns your live ad but sounded good

  3. Ditto. I imagined a picture of The Beehive being exploded, but that doesn't explain all the others.

    Installed Winamp, didn't change nothin'.

    The New Zealander did a good Pommy accent and the South African did a good Kiwi accent!

  4. Thats a pommy doing a pommy accent ;-)

    By the way Peter, how are your blogshares going? Damelza bought a whole lot yesterday

  5. Sound and no picture? You need the DivX codec. You can get this from the DivX website.


  6. DivX

    That works. And by gods it's worth it!
    Very slick lads!
    Great titles too.

  7. You might like to see what I've discovered and written about the Libertarianz philosophy. ;-)


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