Sunday, 7 August 2005

PC is contemptible

Oooh look, I'm contemptible.

[UPDATE: Not just comtemptible, I'm a "smug Objectivist twat." Little old me! I'm shocked -- shocked I tell you.]


  1. What my alma mater failed to do in his lectures at Canterbury was to use that very important and indispensable tool...

    At all university lecture theaters, have your walkman ready and know when to use it.

    Professor Macdonald up at the black board, for example, makes a great music vidio for Pink Floyd and for Metallica too.

  2. Oh shit, I guess I take back what I said here then ;)

  3. Stop trying to start blog wars to increase your stature in the who-gives-a-fuck-ecosystem.

    Link whore ;-0

  4. Man, I have tried and tried, and I have yet to be called "contemptible"! Good show!


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