Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Betting on Iraq

A website called BetOnIraq.com points out that
Iraq's chances of thriving are much better than most of the media would have us believe... After years of trade sanctions, and rampant counterfeiting, the Iraqi Dinar has plummeted from its pre-Gulf War value of over USD$3, to mere fractions of one US cent. What was once the equivalent of more than $82,500, can now be purchased for around $50. Can Iraq's economy achieve, in a free market, what it once achieved under a brutal dictatorship?.
Fancy betting on Iraq's future? Then think about buying some dinars.


  1. Islamic banking is based on shariah law - part of which says that the payment of interest (making money from money) is forbidden. But hey - you know eveything Peter - who am I to disagree.

  2. I didn't say 'invest.' I said "bet."


  3. *All* currency trading is a bet - one does not *invest* in currency.

    The FX Market is known as the Rich Man's Casino for a reason dear.

  4. Shariah Law is on offer from Labour - Interest forbidden on student loans.

    Islamisation of NZ is well underway.

    - Shariah Law for students
    - the population being softened up to come to love convicted terrorists like Ahmed Zaoui
    - watch that if Labour win - the introduction of hate speech laws. Zaoui wiull be transformed into a freedom fighter.

  5. "too right", you must have access to information the Immigration Service hasn't seen, as a thorough check into Zaoui's background by them came up clean. Or maybe you're a member of the SIS?

    To what convictions are you referring?


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