Tuesday, 2 August 2005

The beers are on ACT, but only if you're young enough

Now here's some on-campus political activism I like, from -- oddly enough -- Act on Campus:
Today Auckland ACT on Campus held a protest against Matt Robson's bill to raise the drinking age. ACT on Campus shouted a keg, but only for those who could prove they are 18 or 19. Besides the amusement of seeing how many people have learner licences, we did this to make a serious point. The ACT Party wants 18 and 19 year olds to be able to make their own decisions, including being able to drink. ACT on Campus helped them drink in a more direct way.

We made the point that it is ridiculous for people who work and study hard, pay tax, vote, can have sex and be sent to jail or war; can't even buy a beer. It's a double standard on responsibility.
Guess they're not all bed-wetters and suit-wearers in ACT then. Shame they haven't yet worked out that ACT isn't a freedom party. Still, that question will be moot in just 45 days, 21 hours and 46 minutes. I'm sure more than a few Libz on Campus types pointed out to them what a real freedom party looks like, and then went on to help them to finish off that beer keg.

Good stuff everyone. :-)

[UPDATE: Somebody's bitten. Aaron Bhatnagar, no doubt with memories of Palmers vouchers in mind, is wowserly suggesting the boys have commited an offence! Aaron wears a suit, and these days he wears it to bed.]


  1. Uhh, what are Palmers vouchers?

  2. Many gardening stores like Palmers sell things on Easter holdidays and the like. Technically breaking the law but in reality harming no-one. I think that's the analogy Peter is trying to draw.


  3. Aaron, read this englightening post. Let me quote:

    Further, unlike statute law, common law always has a plaintiff or victim – there are no ‘victimless crimes’ under common law.

    But I suppose since you made the move to support the lesser devil, your views on this are more aligned with this socialist country.

  4. Berend, sorry you think I have become socialist-aligned simply because I think that the boys in ACT don't know the rules about campaign laws. I doubt charges will be pressed even by ACT's worst enemies, simply because the party is a political irrelevance this election.

  5. Hahaha. Sorry, I was referring to the 'gardening vouchers scandal' a few elections ago when, I think, Aaron was Rodney's campaign manager, and Palmers vouchers were given away for attendance at a garden party.

    Aaron will have the details, I'm sure.

    And I note he hasn't denied wearing his suit to bed. :-P

  6. Palmers Vouchers? I have no recollection of that? Are you sure that wasn't for returning a survey we had sent out?

    Food and drink was charged for at the function - that I do recall.

  7. campaign laws, give me a break aaron. Campaign laws are invented by the powerful to keep themselves in power. Such as a law restricting free political speech on tv.

  8. Berend, we may not like the laws of the land, and there are many parts of the electoral act that I don't like, but that does not mean we should break them. Change them via legislative process by all means, but never break them.

    As for this particular incident, I sincerely hope that the AoC guys and girls learn from this and simply charge a nominal figure for the beer - $.50c a plastic cup should be fine.

  9. Which Universities are there Libz on Campus?

  10. Libz on Campus is currently at Auckland and Wellington, we have plans for expansion though.

  11. How many members at each?
    I'm at Otago :(


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