Saturday, 7 May 2005

The Tamaki top ten

Apparently Brian Tamaki told last week's 'Listener' about his favourite songs. Now, I didn't see what Bishop Brian says he has programmed on his iPod when he's happy-clapping for Jesus... but I can guess. So I have.

In fact, while writing I felt a great spirit move me; I truly felt I was receiving divine inspiration from the good Bishop himself ... it's almost as if these are his words I was putting down:

10. '(Sometimes) Pleasureheads Must Burn' by The Birthday Party. I won't just abide unadulterated pleasure-seeking. Said Brian.

9. 'Religion I' and 'Religion II,' by Public Image Limited. So nice to have good serious religious material in our popular music.

8. 'Big Daddy on Fire,' by Jesus Chrysler Supercar. A toss up between this and Jerry Lee Lewis's 'Great Balls of Fire' as a tribute to our beloved Father.

7. 'I Need,' by the Buzzcocks. And I do need a great deal. Hence the tithe. (All together now: "I used to want but now, I NEED (I need)!")

6. 'Purple Haze,' Jimi Hendrix. I especially love that classic line, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy." Don't even have to play the record backwards or nothing, it's right there.

5. 'Walking on the Water,' by Richard Hell. Great for all my aerobic workouts.

4. 'Burning Hell', by R.E.M.
What those sodomites will get if they don't keep their bottoms holy.

3. 'Beers, Steers and Queers,' by the Revolting Cocks - the 'Drop your Britches' mix is my personal fave.

2. 'Demagogue', Urban Dance Squad
Always a pleasure seeing the mokopuna and the black shirts out on the floor. Nice to have them singing about me, too.

And my very personal favourite:
1. 'Jesus Built My Hotrod' by those nice Texan boys Ministry. Nice name for them. And a lucrative choice of career for me. I wonder if they have a song about a Harley?

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  1. What is Libz stand on religious bashing?


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