Tuesday, 26 July 2005

The only poll that counts

Now that the date has been set for the only poll that counts, my site poll can be changed. It's been very useful to me to see who has been reading me here: particularly to find that National supporting readers are second only to Libertarianz readers, that 'None of the Above' performed so poorly, that the Greens performed so well, and that Labour supporters are mostly elsewhere.

So I'll give it one more day and then I'll put up a new poll. Any suggestions? Should I have a poll on the subject of the next poll?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Libz ever make it into Parliament?
YES- eventually.
YES- this election.

26 Jul 2005, 13:31:00  
Blogger Rick said...

That pole not interesting enough, rather a moot point.

While every other party drools for it, Libz are in the unique position of not wanting to be in parliament! They want liberty in government, not Libertarianz. If elected their first, last and every order of business inbetween is seeing themselves out of the job. Get the idea?

26 Jul 2005, 19:26:00  
Blogger t selwyn said...

I have a poll which purports to quantify: in the form of a book on the election result. All those wishing to have a punt are welcome to make their selections. (Libz don't have a separate category however.)

27 Jul 2005, 15:17:00  

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