Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Don v Helen: Game on

Speaking on Breakfast News this morning Helen Clark was asked to say something about her opponent Don Brash. "He's an intelligent man," she said, "but beyond that I have no comment."

He is indeed an intelligent man. In fact, Don and Helen between them are the two most intelligent, astute and principled representatives of their respective parties that a New Zealand election campaign has seen for some time -- perhaps ever?

The sheeple will be coralled whatever the final outcome, but if the mudslinging stops and the minor players can keep out the headlines for a while then I for one relish the prospect of watching a presidential style election campaign in which these two intellects debate each other and debate the issues. As NZ elections go and however bad the result on election night, that spectacle at least will be a rare pleasure. If the mudslinging ever stops.


  1. I'm afraid it'd be a remarkably boring debate ...

    Helen Clark: "We support wealth distribution through progressive taxation, nationalized industries including transport, education, and healthcare."

    Brash: "Errr, so do we, really. We'd just lower the tax rates a bit. And let parents choose which state-run, state-funded school they send their children to. Because choice is important."

    HC: "But what about that cornerstone of captialism, the right to own property? We're attacking that daily through the R.M.A., local Government, and sundry other controls over how you may use the property you supposedly own."

    DB: "Right with you on that one. Errr, actually, we don't quite like the way the R.M.A. is written (although we wrote it in the first place), so we'd change things here and there, but leave the intent the same. Oh yes, and we'd give the Police the power to sieze property through civil proceedings."

    HC: "Individual liberties: evil, evil things. Sure, we'll let you shag or marry someone of the same gender if that wins us a few votes, but we'll control what you drink, eat, smoke, drive, ride, fly, inject ... you think you own your own body? Big mistake, sonny. You body is owned by your neighbour, your MP, the Labour Caucus - anyone but you."

    DB: "Of course, this will change under a National Government - your body will be owned by your neighbour, your MP, and the *National* Caucus."

    I mean, watching a serious debate between the two Chief Pollitubbies would be like watching a man having an argument with a fairground mirror about subtle changes in tax rates and reworded legislation.

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  3. What the f*ck was that? I think Not PC has just been spammed!

  4. Intelligent political debating of the issues.

    Another Tui Ad?



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